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AB/DB40 Synchroscope and Frequency Switchboard Meters
Accurate to within ± 1% of full scale

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Yokogawa Corporation of America is a world leader in switchboard metering devices. As a global manufacturer of meter products for over 90 years, we are able to incorporate decades of experience into the design and development of this high quality product.

All Yokogawa AB/DB 40, AB/DB 16, AB/DB 17 and 180 series edgewise analog switchboard products are UL/CUL recognized and are typically accurate to within ±1% of full scale. All AB40 ( 4½" ) switchboards offer interchangeable scales for ease of modification and convenience. The larger AB/DB 16 switchboards ( 8¾" ) can be easily read from 30 feet away and are equipped with a taut-band suspension.

In addition to the standard product offering, Yokogawa also provides a wide selection of high shock meters ( AB/DB 14 ) for most voltage and current applications. These meters meet military specifications MIL-M-16034 and MIL-S-901 for use in severe shock and vibration conditions.

The commercial grade AB/DB40 and AB/DB16 switchboard products feature a 250 degree scale with linear calibration made possible through the use of an internal transducer. In addition to the 250 degree switchboards, Yokogawa also produces a highly accurate 180 series edgewise unit suited for horizontal or vertical mounting.





Quick Specs

• 4-1/4" Metal and Plastic Cases

• 250 Degree scale deflection

• Units availanle for high shock and railway applications

•Linear scaling allows product flexiability

• Meters accurate to within +/- 1% of full scale

• AC and DC models available

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Switchboard Instrument Catalog


AB16/AB40 Synchroscope Instruction Manual


AB16/AB40 FrequencyInstruction manual


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